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“Every piece of art hides a little story”

- Artfolly Art Stories -

The love for Art, love for adventure and travelling the world meeting the most beautiful people in good health but also in worrying circumstances led Carlijn wanting to contribute to these close to her heart. Connecting these led to the foundation of Artfolly Art Stories. 

Meet the founder 

Carlijn has always had a profound love for art, travel, people and cultures. She created a visionary mind being inspired by people from all over the world in different places and with different backgrounds. It helped her to find out who she wanted to be in life: an inspirational and empowering person to those who need it.

Through experience and talent she is a commercial thinker with a creative visual mind. Years of work in impact communication creating empowering campaigns for big companies are at the base of the storytelling way of life she leads. She decided to combine passion and skill leading to Artfolly Art Stories.


“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”

-Salvador Dali-